Our mission: to provide the highest quality instruction in a supportive and luxurious environment.  Discover your body's innate intelligence, heal from injury, become strong, and attain a higher degree of health.

Pilates principles teach how to "live from your center."  As you master the skills you will not only look taller and feel leaner but you will find that you are connecting to an instinctual feeling of how to move and breathe- like when you were a child- able to swing from tree branches and land with grace.  Pilates at its best will return you to your primal self

In our fully equipped studio, we passionately and creatively specialize in:

  • injury and illness recovery
  • private and duet instruction
  • trio classes
  • therapeutic pilates
  • teen classes
  • pre and post-natal
  • sport-specific conditioning
  • ortho-bionomy®
  • massage

What should you do if you are brand new to pilates?  Contact us for a FREE half hour assessment and mini lesson.

Lux Pilates is a haven of contradiction... CALMING as you enter the beautifully decorated and lit studio, yet ENERGIZING knowing you will have a thorough workout guided by professional, personable, and intuitive owners/instructors, Christine and Hannah.  You do not get this at a lot of studios- because you do not have these two instructing you anywhere but LUX!" -Danielle Coomans

"Thank you Christine for the amazing pilates instruction.  You have made a profound difference in my life.  I have never ever thought of myself as strong before, and somehow you
got me there. You have such a friendly welcoming demeanor that I never felt intimidated or out of place, and I love the community you build in your classes."
-Susan Papinikolas

"Hannah- through her ortho-bionomy® sessions and follow-up pilates taught an old man with arthritis up and down one of his legs how to better walk again so I might continue to enjoy my hobbies: golf, gardening, hiking, and playing with my grandchildren." -Bob Botts

Find LUX PILATES in central seattle at 2016 east union street.
(just minutes away from downtown, capitol hill, first hill, madison park, madrona, mt. baker...)
email us at:  info@luxpilatesstudio.com 
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(we would love to answer your questions!)